The Growing Season, Chapter Nine: Regrouping After the Awkwardness

“So what’s the plan for tomorrow night?” Abby asked.

“Don’t know,” I replied. “He’s supposed to call later.”

The waitress brought the drinks then, and as she set them down and walked away, Brian raised his glass. “To our newborn romantic,” he announced. “Who, just a few short days ago, was a skeptic like me when it came to love, and now has been willingly duped by it. May he turn out to be everything you hope for…and don’t forget that I have condoms if you need any.”

He clinked his glass against everyone else’s, and I inwardly winced at the overt birth-control reference. Cara bit her lip and glanced around, and Kennedy and Abby quietly took sips of their drinks. I wished I could somehow wordlessly remind Brian of Cara’s recent struggle, since he clearly had forgotten what I had told him at Halloween. Luckily, Kennedy took the wheel and re-steered the conversation.

“Congrats, hon, and good luck tomorrow. He sounds wonderful,” she said to me, then turned to Brian. “So Ricardo tells me you bought a boat, Mister Big Spender. What’s the deal there?”

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Literary Limericks

Not to be outdone by Ryan’s rampant haiku-writing, I’ve decided to revive an art form that has long been absent from our pages: limericks. But how? What would my limericks be about?

And then I realized: what better way to get a book report than in limerick form? But you don’t have to take my word for it

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So, What’s Your Number?

So there’s this thing called big data. You’ve probably heard of it? It may or may not have something to do with the cloud? Somehow because of it there are prettier charts and graphs floating around (also in the cloud, I guess?). And data – maybe because of its bigness – has inaugurated a new and annoying vocabulary. Data points. Metrics. Analytics. Metadata. Capture. Transform. Visualization. Whatever all of these are, they’re running in the background of the the sites and apps that make up our lives online. And we get some colorful infographics out of it too!

And just as we’re trying to get a handle on what it all means, we find out there’s a backlash. Wait, big data doesn’t matter after all? Sweet, nevermind. One more thing not to have vague information about. But those tricky little data points – they’re still everywhere. And they’re probably a bigger part of your life than you think. Continue reading

Literary Crushes

The fact that a person doesn’t actually exist has never stopped me from falling in love with them. The earliest example was my crush on Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, then the sexy cynical Sean from Boy Meets World, who competed for my heart with the well-mannered Sam from Clarissa Explains It All. As a world class geek, fictional characters from books also wooed me long before any living breathing man did. Here were my imaginary boyfriends from literature: Continue reading