Best of TWR: Summer Time And the Readin’s Easy

It’s summer time and the livin’s easy. At least, it is this week. We’re going on a short vacation this weekend, but didn’t want to leave our wonderful Wheelhouse Review unattended. So here are some great posts that you may have missed. And if you read them already (thanks Mom), then please feel free to pass them on to those who haven’t.

See you next Monday!

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That Time I Was Abducted by Aliens: Part Deux

(For part one of this story click here)

It was becoming apparent to me that my friends had changed their plans. These were the pre-cell phone years. You got ditched a lot. Or at least I did.

I started to walk away, figuring I’d head home and watch Kung Fu instead of paying for cold air and entertainment from a movie theater. I was about to turn the corner around the building and thought I should wave goodbye to my new traveling acquaintances. As I turned, Holt was standing directly behind me, less than a foot away with his hand reached out toward me.

I made an odd, unflattering noise somewhere between a muffled scream and a loud burp. Holt immediately started apologizing for startling me. “Aye, sorry boot that, did’n mean to poot you oof. Just thought maybe you’d want to goo’n see the movie with us, aye? We’re seeing Indiana Joons and the Last Crusade.

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Summer Haikus

Summer Love
We embrace on the shore
I think there’s sand in my pants
And I’m into it

Summer Love (Part 2)
“Can you do my back?”
Yes, even with all the hair
I still sunburn there

Things that Go Bump in the Day
More daylight means more
Reverse vampires. Ward off with
Gold stakes and cumin.

Channel up, baseball
Channel down, baseball again
When does football start?

Deep Conversation
“Hey, it’s raining outside!”
“Glad it’s not raining inside!”
(Cue awkward silence)

Dear Polar Vortex
80 in July
I’ll take, but you still owe me
December through March

Gather ye round
And grab yourself a burger
Who wants Soylent Green?

A Grief Unnerved

It’s been nearly six years since I met Jason Garber. It was a Thursday evening in September at an event designed to connect congregants with our church. He came up to me and introduced himself–he had emailed a few days earlier about this event we held in bars periodically called “Christianity Uncorked,” which featured a talk and Q&A about faith. He mentioned to me that he was not a Christian but was interested in exploring the faith. For a newbie professional Christian working in outreach, this was who my boss and I had hoped to meet: intelligent, curious-yet-skeptical, and friendly people outside the faith. Jason was like a unicorn.*

He was unique all right–Jason was one of the most brilliant people I’d ever met and his questions about Christianity’s claims in particular, and God in general, were sometimes so complicated and well thought out that my boss and I would hope that he wouldn’t ask them at Christianity Uncorked. A relentless pursuer and defender of truth, Jason required everyone to rise to his standard of intellectual curiosity and rigor if you wanted to engage with him. When he told us a year or so later that he was a Christian, we were speechless and grateful to be able to call him a “brother.” Continue reading