The Wheelhouse Review Book Club: Lush Life

Hi everybody. If you recall, last month  I decided to run a book club on The Wheelhouse Review. And back in those halcyon days of May, I chose Lush Life by Richard Price as our first book. Remember how exciting this all was?! I’m sure you do. Now, after a month of everyone reading the book, we are ready to discuss. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Before we completely dive in, I do want to preface that while I am an avid reader, I have not really written that many book reviews (outside of killer book reports). Originally it was not something that interested me all that much, but over the years I have wanted to do a little more of it, and have increasingly begun to write more reviews on goodreads. Therefore, since this is technically my first book review, I ask that you, the Wheelhouse reader help me out and contribute! Leave your own thoughts and criticisms (be it of the book itself or my analysis) in the comments! We’ll all grow together, writer and commenter. And with that little disclaimer, away we go! Continue reading