About Us

About Us

The Wheelhouse is an always smart, often irreverent, and sometimes serious online magazine.

The vision of The Wheelhouse is to provide a platform and creative community to motivate emerging writers, designers, and artists, to pursue and showcase their particular talents.

We believe that every person has a unique set of talents and gifts that when expressed reveal a little bit of the Divine. Or, if you don’t believe in that, then it proves that only the smart and snarky survive (albeit in low-paying hipster-type jobs)! We believe that when you’re in your particular “wheelhouse,” those gifts are being used.

We believe that too many people don’t work in their particular wheelhouses. Maybe you’re too scared. Maybe you’re too busy. Maybe you just haven’t had the encouragement to do your thing. We want to change that.

We also believe that there are many people whose wheelhouses may not be producing bloggable awesomeness, as much as consuming it. We encourage you to be in your wheelhouse and share our content as much as possible through social media.