About Andrea Levendusky

Andrea writes, designs, and muses about everything in life over at theorganicbird.com. And if you really want to keep up with how much she's procrastinating or whether or not her daughter is the next four-year-old savant, you can follow her on twitter (@theorganicbird). She also drinks copious amounts of coffee, which is worth mentioning in this bio since really it's the only reason she gets anything done.

I See You.

Editor’s Note: Juliet, our regular Monday blogger is off today. Instead, we offer you the first of many posts from guest blogger, Andrea Levendusky. This post was originally featured on The Organic Bird Blog.

We are connected as much as we let ourselves be.

If I wanted to, I could tell you everything I’m doing all day long.
You could hear the music I’m listening to.
See the places I’m seeing.
Photos of the food I’m eating, the clothes I’m wearing, the sky above me.

The beauty of connecting with others is one of the joys in social media, in my opinion. I love knowing what my sister had for breakfast, what my best friend is wearing today, what my other friend’s husband is doing for work these days. I like seeing the world through your eyes on Instagram, or hearing your soundtrack on Spotify.

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