About Alison Bullivant

Allie Bullivant is a high school English teacher who boasts a quadruple citizenship from the United States, Middle Earth, Narnia, and Long Island. Her instructional style can be described as "one part Reading Rainbow, one part Alabama Leprechaun." Her poetry can be described in pretty much the same way. Allie is inspired by John Berryman's Addresses to the Lord, her 7th period class' journal entries, overheard conversations on the 32 bus, and her family. No, you cannot get a drink of water. And yes, you'll need a hall pass for that.

Memory of my grandfather in a parking lot, 1983

Why or how this image sticks
I couldn’t say.
Here we are, dead of winter,
sky the color of magnetic grains
all grasping for fragments,
holding each other together and the snow
is the space between, the bright that
measures through and squeaks out.
One flake, then another
lands on the top of Grandpa’s hat.
I watch from my stroller, hands
reaching hungrily up
and he says not now, not now
into the cold. His face glowing
strange with parking lot lights
and the blazing tip of his cigarette.
The chipped electric blue paint 
on the brick building behind him, 
the unshaved chin and throat.
Marble black eyes
hovering above me,
and the stunning quiet of that enormous face
dodging my whirling fingers,
the first falling flakes,
and anything else 
he saw clinging 
in the darkness.