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Joe Anthony is a freelance writer living in New York City.

Sorry, No, That’s Mine: A Tribute to My Baby-Boomer Parents and Their Generation

Let me preface what I am about to write by acknowledging that my politics are left of center. But I have a beef with the ‘rents and their baby-boomer peers.

You are breaking our country.

I know you don’t feel responsible for the last two wars that cost $2 trillion, the unfunded increase to Medicare enacted in 2006 (donut-hole… stop eating those things, too), the regulatory changes that encouraged irresponsible lending practices to unqualified mortgage holders, or the complete and total lack of oversight for banks, insurers and credit ratings agencies. I won’t even bother to argue against most of these decisions since liberals and conservatives supported these policies before most of them, after winning the most important war of all: “the messaging war,” revised their positions to be against these policy decisions after they were for them. But my generation (Generation Y) and Generation X, because I’m feeling benevolent, need you to help foot the bill.

So, Grandma, any chance you could add a few zeros to those birthday checks….

So when certain politicians or business leaders of your generation say, “we’re all in this together,” we kind of need both you and them to mean it. This implies you have to pay for the things you broke. I won’t blame any one person for the wars or for our country’s current economic stagnation, but your generation, collectively, is in large part responsible for these decisions and now it’s time to share in all the consequences.

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