About Jason Garber

Jason Garber never set foot in a church service until September 2008 when he walked into Redeemer Presbyterian Church and was shocked to find that there were people in 21st century Manhattan that actually worshiped Jesus. Intrigued by this odd phenomena, Jason hung around Redeemer in order to observe this strange counterculture. Due to God's irresistible grace (and the free cookies after the service), Jason fell in love with the beauty of the Gospel and placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Can Science Point to God?

Editor’s Note: Last week, Jason Garber, a dear friend of mine and faithful reader (and sometimes critic) of The Wheelhouse Review passed away quite tragically. We had asked him to contribute to our site several times, but he left us before that could happen. A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with him on a website for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. The site features essays, mp3s, and videos examining the most common questions people ask about the Christian faith. All of the essays on the site were written by pastors, including the New York Times bestselling author, Timothy Keller. Well, all except for one, written by Jason, which we’ve received permission to run here on our site, in memory of a brilliant friend and dogged pursuer of truth.

I could have told you in one word why I was an atheist–science. Science seemed to explain the world quite handily without invoking some great big bearded grandfather in the sky. However, that didn’t make me hostile to religion. If you had asked me whether I would have liked there to be a God, I would have said yes. If given a choice between a universe governed by a benevolent creator versus a universe where nothing happens for any reason except the laws of physics, I would have chosen the former. But I would have quickly added that my preference wasn’t the issue. Feelings don’t determine truth. Continue reading