About Jojo

Jojo is a shewolf that came out of the closet around 2011 and has been prowling around Washington DC since May 2013. While blasting body-rocking tunes everywhere he goes, Jojo enjoys thinking about cultural assumptions especially when it comes to faith and politics. You can find Jojo drinking cheap beer and telling cheaper jokes in a bar near you. 

I Grew Up on a Commune

I’m a pretty weird person. And I grew up on a commune. Not a cult, mind you. At least not anymore.

Most people at the commune were pretty weird, but do you know what the best part about leaving the commune is? I get to use growing up on the commune as my excuse for everything!

“Jojo, wanna go on a bike ride with me on the Olentangy Trail?”
Ya know, I never learned how to ride a bike.
“Wait, seriously?”
I grew up on a commune. I mean, come on right?! Bluusssh

Nah, but for real. I was definitely the only kid at the commune that didn’t know how to ride a bike. It definitely stunted my ability to quickly get to our communal meals a mile across our campus. But, hey, super passive fathering combined with sweet graphics and a fierce rivalry with Dillon on NBA Live 2001 meant no bike riding for me. At the time of print, I have finally learned how to ride a bike in my twenty-third year of life on this earth.

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The Wild, Wild West of Gay Dating

Dating is weird for everyone.

In every subculture, there’s a ton of unwritten rules of behavior that everyone stumbles upon eventually. In the evangelical Christian world, the guy pursues the girl, all the while making sure to “guard his heart” or having an accountability partner to maintain his purity. In the feminist/womynist/progressive subculture, sex and relationships are good as long as they are mutually and enthusiastically agreed to. The rules vary as you move through different cultures.

We receive messages about sex and dating through a bunch of different outlets.  According to Friends, it might not be socially acceptable to have sex on the first date (unless you’re Joey), but it’s a little weird if you don’t get some on the third date. A generation of my Christian peers grew up reading True Love Waits, believing that sex before marriage was wrong and were proud to display their promise rings that marked them as one of the “good, Christian kids.” Continue reading