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Oscar Salarrué is a Classic Man. Born and raised in the concrete jungles of Latin America, he learned about U.S. pop culture through music.  Mainly, Michael Jackson and rap.  Following a family transition to the U.S., he set out to realize his dream of becoming a rapper by recording a two-song demo, which was hailed as “excellent” by superstar recording artist William Hung.  Too ahead of his time, he moved on from music and now works and resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife.

Retroactive Live Blog: #DemDebate

Courtesy Newsmax.com


In the great U.S. American tradition, I am gathered with friends and acquaintances to drink beer and eat food while watching sports. But this being Washington, D.C., our gladiator event is a presidential candidate debate. This round, Democrats are in the ring.


We turn on the TV and people start to pick their seats. diseases are imagined, people are avoided, others sit uncomfortably close. Y’know, just like middle school.


Wolf Blitzer tells us to STAND BY for the debate, moderated by Global Clinton Initiative insider Anderson Cooper……er…I mean, CNN Anchor.


The debate promo is intense. Gladiator intense. BIG letters, dramatic music. I’m a little bit country, a little bit ‘roid rage. Continue reading


The first Republican presidential primary debate is happening tonight, kicking off what has got to be the nerdiest watching-parties season across Washington, D.C., a little city where young men and young women go to experience their first little taste of the political life. Me? Well, I never been there. Well, perhaps once, but I was so engulfed in a campaign I never made it to the debates, you speak of, hardcore. While the pundits are recounting all the problems and the troubles of the day, why this fine, bow-tied candidate, clean as all outdoors, lulls liberal policies in your left ear, competing with “Don’t raise the tax!” in the right. But it all blends perfectly. Let the beer tell it. “Hey baby, he’s saying our speech,” and the crowd goes wild as if Bush has just won the election. But in actuality, it’s only ‘bout 10 P.M. and three candidates just don’ got cut off on the stage (silenced up), two other candidates don’ start yellin’ (Don’t tread on me!), and one candidate don’ took his tie off, talkin’ bout, “now who else wanna mess with Hollywood Trump?”

It’s just my interpretation. Of the situation.

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