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Rick Barry is a communications strategist currently working with Grace DC. He occasionally blogs about faith and politics at Vision of the City and about communications and pop culture at The Rick Barry. He once cut a watermelon in half with his bare hand, but he doesn't like to brag.

The Doctor Will See Us Now: “Doctor Who” As Cultural Therapy

Global religious persecution. Domestic politics. Game of Thrones.

You know, the really important things in life.

A friend and I got together for lunch last weekend as an excuse to talk about all three.

The food was good, but the conversation was better: We weaved in and out of topics one or the other of us had already thought about (often deeply), so there was a lot to share. When it became clear that the conversation was going to outlast the meal, we went for a good old-fashioned DC walk-and-talk, and, on a lark, stopped by a little bookstore I’d been meaning to visit. Continue reading

You Won’t Believe This New Approach To Social Media

Hey, did you hear that people pay careful attention to the ways in which they present their lives on social media? That your college roommate’s haphazard photographs of fun times, your co-worker’s selfies from a hiking trail and your high school boyfriend’s spur-of-the-moment status updates letting you know that he is having a great day might each be part of a carefully coordinated attempt to create a false impression of how exciting their lives actually are?

Well, it’s a thing. And apparently it’s not healthy.

Continue reading