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Egyptian Politics (in 2,458 words)

I’ll never forget the exciting and fascinating days at the beginning of 2011. I spent many hours watching the Egyptian revolution unfold live before me as news streamed from my computer screen. This is when I first learned that Al Jazeera English (AJE) was a legitimate and competitive news source, unlike its Arabic-language sister channel Al Jazeera that loves terrorists, hates America, and supports people who throw shoes at our president.  The truth is, AJE ran circles around every other news outlet when it came to reporting from Egypt. It was kind of like awkward Al Jazeera had gone through puberty, grown up, and had suddenly become really attractive.

Also one of the most compelling rap songs I’ve ever heard came out of one of the world’s most compelling national stories. Watching the music video of that song gives me chills as I see the incredible images of the Egyptian people directly facing tyranny, paired with revolutionary lyrics such as “world leaders can now see that when they keep the people from eating, the people will eat them.” As the world watched this massive, popular uprising, we fell in love with the Egyptian people who patiently and courageously protested, and then peacefully overthrew their autocratic ruler, Hosni Mubarak, who had held on to power for nearly 30 years.


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