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Sarah is a regular blogger for The Wheelhouse, as well as its Chief Marketing Officer/zombie apocalypse safety coordinator. She tumbls repeatedly and tweets, but doesn’t everybody?

Congratulations! A Recent Engagement FAQ

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Pop the champagne and get ready to hold your left hand up, because you’re going to be showing off your ring. A lot. And you should also get ready for a barrage of questions, because you’re also going to get those. Once you get engaged, you will have the same conversation over and over again for weeks, until you have so many instances of deja vu that you begin to worry there’s a permanent glitch in the Matrix.

I should know. I just got engaged last week. And it’s been great! I’ve been so struck by the outpouring of love and excitement from friends and family. I’m very much looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man I love, and it’s been so great to celebrate our engagement with our nearest and dearest.

I’ve also been struck by the repetition of questions. And it makes sense: there are standard protocols that come with an engagement, and people are genuinely interested in the details surrounding it. But when you’re the one providing the same information, over and over, it can get a little daunting.*

Get ready to say these words ad naseum

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Wheelhouse June (in July!) Book Club: Station Eleven

Welcome book clubbers! The calendar may say July, but we’re here to discuss June’s book club pick, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It’s a post-apocalyptic novel, primarily set twenty years after a super flu kills most of the human population on earth. The novel follows 5 interconnected characters from years before to years after the end, with surprising discoverings and stories told along the way. And it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Are you ready? Let’s goooooooooooo!

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Summer Book Bingo!

Summer is often seen as a prime month for reading. The lazy days, beach holidays, and extended travel time all lend themselves the conclusion that there will finally be time to catch up on all that reading you’ve been putting off during the first part of the year.

I don’t know about you, but my plans always outpace my reality. I’ve always been the person who carefully amasses books in my bag before a trip (or, Kindle, phones, etc.), only to return home with most of them unread. Sure, summer is slower, but it’s also warm and full of friends and activities and long days where you want to talk and soak in your surroundings, not bury yourself in a book. And this is all coming from an extremely prolific reader!

That’s why I’m glad there is now such a thing as Summer Book Bingo. Started by the amazing book podcast Books on the Nightstand, Summer Book Bingo (or Beach Blanket Book Bingo as they call it) is open to all who want to challenge themselves a little more with their summer reading. More on how to participate and why you should after the jump!

This author's personal 2015 bingo card.

This author’s personal 2015 bingo card.

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Party Non-Sequiturs: Wedding Edition

After a long and bitter winter here in the Northeast, we are finally seeing warmer weather. I’m packing up the coats, opening up the windows, shaving long ignored spots on my legs, and planning to take at least two cold showers a day to wash the sweat and grime off.

The warmer weather also brings wedding season. And if you’re like me, you have your whole summer planned around these days of matrimonial bliss. I’ll be traveling up and down the east coast, visiting with friends, renting cars, buying mixers, and strategically wearing the same dress to the weddings of different friend groups in the hopes that no one will notice.

Since I’m in my 30s, this is not my first wave of weddings. That was the time immediately after college, when I was taking Vamoose buses down to DC and bumming rides with friends to attend weddings throughout the great state of Virginia. Nor is this my second wave of weddings. That was in my late-20s, where I’d split the cost of renting a car with other single friends, buy a nicer gift than in my first wave, and stand in the way back during the bouquet toss. Nope, this is my third wave. This wave has local NYC weddings, instagram hashtags, open bars, and a boyfriend who is in the same wave and actively contributing to the busy social calendar.

All of this to say: I’ve been to a lot of weddings, and had a lot of small talk wedding conversations. And I’m now here to pass on my wisdom to you as you navigate this new wedding season, already in process for me (two weeks ago I went to my third wedding of the year already, NBD). Note, a lot of these are actually games you can play during the reception, but will involve conversation, so they count.

Step one: No matter what, keep the open bar in sight at all times. From http://singlemindedwomen.com

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Wheelhouse May Book Club: Things Fall Apart

Greetings, friends! I’m back from a little break, during which I was frantically finishing graduate school while transitioning into full time work and training for a half marathon (whoever said you couldn’t have it all!?!?!!). I’m sure I’ll write all about that at some point or another.

Today though, I’m here to discuss this month’s book club book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Are you ready? You’re ready. Let’s go!

ThingsFallApart” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Things Fall Apart is a modern classic, a tale of a proud yet fragile tribe that slowly starts to unravel with the presence of colonialism and corrupt missionaries. The main protagonist is Okonkwo, a quintessential man and warrior. Okonkwo builds his life around the definitions of what it means to be a man in his society: he is concerned with having the best producing farm, the most attractive wives, the bravest and strongest children. This life he seeks is based on a desire to be nothing like his father, who he considered weak, effeminate, and a failure. Continue reading