Alison Lytton
Alison is a regular blogger for The Wheelhouse Review. Follow Alison Lytton on Tumblr or Twitterfor up-to-the-minute weather musings, pics of food and/or exotic travels and retweets of bad puns. In Alison’s wheelhouse, you’ll find reading the Internet, reading everything, local/seasonal eating, indie music, education technology and Chinese politics & culture.
Amanda Geisinger
Amanda Geisinger is a New York City based illustrator and designer who loves color, things that are round, and making colorful things that are round. Some of these things she makes for Nickelodeon, where she is currently employed, some she makes for her blog about adorable-cloud-shaped-God, and some she makes to feed the ever-hungry fuzzy creativity monster lodged in her little soul. You can find all of her creative wanderings at
Faith McCormick
Faith is a regular blogger/Art-Director for The Wheelhouse Review, as well as its in-house registered Joyologist. If you like her work, you can find more of it at Space for Faith. She also has a fantastic collection of vests, belts, and fine chapeaux. It has been said that Faith’s particular wheelhouses include consumer engagement, branding and package design, flashes of aesthetic brilliance, and creating a new color scheme to rebrand the Whitehouse.
Juliet Vedral
Juliet is The Wheelhouse Review’s Founder, Executive Editor and Chief of Parties. Juliet also contributes to Still the Sea, where she writes pop-culture-ridden posts about faith. But if you don’t have a long attention span, just follow her on Twitter. In addition to her wheel collection, she also stores witty banter and running in heels in her wheelhouse.
Ryan is The Wheelhouse Review’s Co-Founder, Managing Editor and Resident Eye Candy. You can  follow him on Twitter, or in person if you’re at 54.1473o N, 4.6888o W promptly at 9:00 AM weekday mornings. He just recently learned what “wheelhouse” means, and includes low-, mid-, and uni- brow humor as items within this. Oh, and phrenology too, depending on a state’s labor laws.
Sarah is a regular blogger for The Wheelhouse, as well as its Chief Marketing Officer/zombie apocalypse safety coordinator. She tumbls repeatedly and tweets, but doesn’t everybody?
Stephanie is a pediatric dentist by trade, writer by desire; unfortunately only paid for one of these roles. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and son and constantly defies the proclamations of other parents who tell her that people with kids never get to watch TV. Read more of her musings at