Presidential Haikus: Johnson Through Obama

Lyndon B. Johnson

I will not seek or

Accept the nomination

For “Who Wore it Best?”


Richard Nixon

If wiretapping

Dems is wrong then dammit, I

Don’t want to be right.


Gerald Ford

Pardoned Nixon but

Never forgave him for not

Sending a thank you card


Jimmy Carter

His tenure cut short

By outbreak of malaise and

Single term -itis


Ronald Reagan

Mister Gorbachev,

Tear down this wall! GOP,

Name stuff after me!


George H. W. Bush

Nation! Read my lips:

No new taxes. Some increased

Revenue streams though.


William Clinton

Played sax on TV

Only because Carville said

No to knife throwing


George W. Bush

Unlike his old man

Two terms and took out Saddam.

Dad, stop hugging Jeb!


Barack Obama

First black president

And first ever FLOTUS who can

Out bench her husband








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Outrage-Us: How to Do Anger Online

Rage has been festering for a while now: on message boards, in comments sections, among the merely single-digit amount of Facebook “likes” for that picture of your nephew’s neighbor’s three-legged rescue dog. The people are angry, and they will be heard! Whether they’re right or not! Whether they’ve read the whole article or just the headline!


It’s official: the internet is Westeros and everyone on it is King Joffrey. What I’m saying is, rage is all over the (virtual) place and I believe I’ve found the reason for it: as discussed in my last post, we’re all pretending just a little too much. Our online personas are a re-imagined version of our actual personas, to varying degrees (typically relative to how much time you spend on Pinterest). This careful curation comes part and parcel with having a free, always-available forum on which to express ourselves. But just how little realness are we serving? Continue reading

An Ambivert’s Apologies

There has been much written over the past couple of years, both here at The Wheelhouse Review and on the internet, about Introverts and Extroverts. To an Extrovert, an Introvert is weird and withdrawn. To an Introvert, Extroverts are loud and demanding. And often these personality types are misunderstood as shy vs. outgoing, rather than ways in which energy is drawn. Extroverts draw energy from interactions with other people. Introverts draw energy from being alone and recharging. You can have a quiet Extrovert just as you can have a chatty, outgoing Introvert.

As someone who has always tested in the middle of the E/I spectrum for Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), I am aware of this constant tug-of-war in me. I am also an ENFJ/INFJ, which makes me more of a giver in terms of myself, regardless of whether I’m an E or I. When I was very young, I was shy and introverted, but that was also because I lacked confidence. In situations in which I was comfortable, I was a chatterbox. In my 20s I thrived as an E, often the hostess of impromptu and…promptu parties. If we needed something to do, I was your girl.

Since entering my 30s and moving from my native city of New York to Washington DC, I’ve noticed that I’m thriving more as an Introvert. I need greater periods of alone time before engaging with others, and now that I have an office (which I share with an Introvert), I’m surprised at how frequently I shut my door.

Which leads me to offer an apology to Introverts: I’m sorry for being an obnoxious Extrovert. But Extroverts aren’t also all that bad. Continue reading