Juliet Vedral
Co-Founder, Executive Editor 
Juliet Vedral is a native New Yorker, who has fallen in love with Washington DC. She holds degrees in communication and public administration and is an avid pop-culture and history buff, possessing both an encyclopedic knowledge of Arrested Development and a disturbingly nerdy amount of books about the Nixon presidency and Watergate. When she’s not busy writing, Juliet is  either cleaning something or practicing yoga. You can read her posts here.

Ryan White
Co-Founder, Managing Editor 
Ryan White was born and bred in the glorious Garden State where he lived a wholesome and handsome childhood before heading northward for college where he majored (on purpose) in Philosophy. Upon graduation and the painful realization that the labor market had scant use for proofs of one’s own existence, he packed up and headed to DC in search of the next noble truth: partisan politics. While there he became drawn to both international relations and competitive crocheting, eventually deciding on a career in the former. He then pursued his passion for international relations and massive student loan debt by moving to New York City to obtain a master’s degree in the field, and two years later made his triumphant return to DC for a job that actually paid him. His friends describe him alternatively as “someone I would not object too strongly to my sister marrying” and “an enigma wrapped in a riddle with a creamy nougat filling.” He is an Aquarius and thinks your sister is hot. You can read his posts here.