Write for Us

Write for Us

So you want to write for The Wheelhouse Review? Congratulations!!  Just by exploring this opportunity, you must be some combination of awesome, funny, clever, fun, and of course very, very cool.  Or we attended the same graduate school.

The mission of The Wheelhouse Review is to be an always smart, often irreverent, and sometimes serious online magazine. Essentially, we want to be responsible for being 67% of the best content on your (or your friends) g-chat statuses. The vision of The Wheelhouse Review is to provide a platform for and creative community to motivate emerging writers, designers, and artists, to pursue and showcase their particular talents. We want to project excellence, but we also want people to laugh and feel like they see the world a little more interestingly.  So our writing should attempt to advance these aims.

What should I write about?  First off, read a few of our entries. You obviously dont need to be a clone of one of our writerswe have a special lab for that alreadybut thats generally the type of style and content were looking for. As you can see we have some writers who like to dig deep on one topic, and others who are more of the unfocused, dilettante variety. So you dont need to write about one thing in particular, just make sure you write it well. Were here to help edit and brainstorm some ideas with you, but our Midas touch can only go so far. Literally and legally.

It takes guts to write something and put it out there, especially to a bunch of snarky strangers like ourselves. So kudos to you for your bravery, discerning literary taste and excellent sense of humor. While we believe that every piece of writing or design is like a unique and beautiful snowflake, we reserve the right not to publish your work in The Wheelhouse Review. Instead, we offer our encouragement to keep writing, keep getting your work out thereor start a group blog yourself! Its really very easy.

What is the target audience?
Everyone!  Seriously though, we want smart, funny, interesting and clever people (or those who believe that by reading/viewing/consuming our work they can show that they possess those qualities) to read this blog. But let’s hope that it’s not just a bunch of white chicks who are bored at work.

Also, we love a good f-bomb here and there, but please be discerning when using profanity (pretty much only if you have to). We just don’t want to get blocked by security systems because of language. Also, there usually are better ways to say whatever the fuck you were trying to say. Fucking right.

Can I write on the same topic each time?  If you would like to write a series of topical articles, or if you would like to claim a certain topic as “yours,” we very much welcome that, and we’d love to chat it over with you.  Just let us know!

Do I need to write on the same topic each time? No! Be inventive, if that’s your wheelhouse. Be funny, if that’s your wheelhouse. Be serious, if you can’t be funny or inventive, but our posts generally are of the humorous or at least serious-cloaked-in-a-candy-shell-of-wit variety, so keep that in mind.

Should I include photos?  Why not?  Photos are great.  You can get some “creative commons” photos from http://compfight.com/, or upload your own photos. No sexting though. Please.

How long should my submissions be? Ideal length for an essay or article would be anything from 2 to 2.5 pages, regular font/margins. If your submission needs to be longer well take it under consideration, but our attention spans may wane.

What will you need from me?  At this point, we just need a bio and your posts! We will do a final edit (and we reserve final say over what eventually gets published).
Here are some good resources on writing:

  • Anne Lamott, from Bird by Bird http://bit.ly/Hicbft
  • Strunk and White, The Elements of Style http://www.bartleby.com/141/
  • William Zinsser, On Writing Well http://hnguyen.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/on-writing-well.pdf

We’re also very happy to edit your work as much as you’d like…and the more you write, the more we have to work with.  (So feel free to send things you think are too long.  We’ll edit down.)

How do I submit my writing?  For now, please email a writing sample to submissions@thewheelhousereview.com.  If we decide to publish your work, we will always send you our edited version of your piece for your review before posting. Also before submitting your work, we ask that you read and agree to our Terms of Use (see below) and confirm that you have in your email.

Are you looking for other writers?  Because I have the most awesome friend…  We are always looking for good talent.  They just first need to go through the initiation process and submit a blood and urine sample. Also, they need to be able to write. Or design.

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